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On Saturday June 16th Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard received the prestigious Phraya Sri Wisarnwaja award from Past Rotary International President Bichai Rattakul. RCES was chosen to be the Rotary Club in Thailand that has done the best activity in the Rotary year 2011-2012.

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard was nominated by District 3340 Governor Thirayud Watanatirawut to receive this prestigious Phraya Sri Wisarnwaja award for their highly successful “Water for Life 24/7” projects and in recognition of the achievements of PP Stefan Ryser, who sadly passed away on April 23rd 2012.

Water for Life 24/7

In 2009 the “Water for Life 24/7” campaign was launched to combat waterborne diseases at a household level as per the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Water for Life 24/7 means providing clean drinking water to children and families 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Clean water for poor families

For this purpose Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, with major financial support from their International Partner Rotary District 2000 (Switzerland), and through Matching Grant 74709 distributed 3500 gravity drip filters to not only poor families in the Isaan area but also to hill tribe villages in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai provinces, communities in the Burmese border area in Kanchanaburi province, the Cambodian border area in Chantaburi province and fishing villages in the mangrove forests in Chantaburi of Thailand.

Clean water in case of emergencies

In addition, thanks to the support from local and international sponsors, a further 750 “Water for Life” drip filters were given to families in the flood affected areas north of Bangkok. The motto of RC Eastern Seaboard is “Beyond Frontiers” and as such we also donated water filters to impoverished families in Pakse province, Laos and to an orphanage in Sihanoukville Cambodia.

In total at least 20.000 people will have clean water for a period of at least 5 years

The personal endorsement of Past International President Bichai Rattakul and the support from shown by the Governors of all four Rotary Districts by selecting our club and project motivate us even further to continue and expand our Water for Life 24/7 campaign in the next year.

The good work goes on

Two matching grants with Rotary District 2060 (Italy) will enable us to fund another 2700 drip filters and we are currently looking for International partners and sponsors to undertake additional projects with our sister clubs RC Chantaboon and RC Namphong.

For further information please contact:

Carl R. Dyson, President Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard
Mobile Phone:

Jan Abbink, iPP Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard and Director Water Projects
Mobile Phone:

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

receives prestigious best project award

Mrs. Diny van Mierlo, the mother of magician Heinz Minten receives a FORCES certificate and member pin for her donation of 40.000 THB 

https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubEasternSeaboard/photos/a.1233867380025704.1073742056.16184204722 8248/1233867713359004/?type=3&theater

Charter President Martin Brands accepts a FORCES certificate and member pin on behalf of Luizi Virchaux. The 8 year old Luzi from Switzerland (our youngest FORCES member) donated 1000 Swiss Francs (34450 THB) to our projects in Mae Sot.

 https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubEasternSeaboard/photos/a.1233867380025704.1073742056.1618420472 28248/1233867440025698/?type=3&theater

Adolf Leemann and Suree Phasuk accept a FORCES pin and certificate on behalf of their friend Kh. Paknapsa Tulayaphistchai who donated 5000 THB to our club

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Visiting Rotarians Distict Governor Boban Theckel, President Joseph and Secretary Bijon from the Rotary Club Changanacherry, Kerala, India present a club banner.

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Visiting Rotarians Distict Governor Boban Theckel, President Joseph and Secretary Bijon from the Rotary Club Changanacherry, Kerala, India present some herbs from their home town to President Rodney and Secretary Jan.

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