MG 64770 Clean Drinking Water for Schools

Our constant aim is to help provide clean drinking water to the children and people of Thailand with the aid of Matching Grants or Competative Grants.


We plan this year to provide this facility to 29 villages.  

Clean Drinking Water for 23 Schools

We set out with MG64770 to provide clean drinking water filter systems for 21 schools but we are pleased to say that with hard work and experience from Henny Vermey and our team we managed to provide a total of 23 schools.


MG 64770 - A joint Project between RC Pijnacker-Nootdorp District 1600 Holland  RC Eastern Seaboard  RC Jomtien Pattaya and with the helping hands from many Rotary Clubs in the different areas to provide Clean Drinking Water Filter Systems in the area Pattaya, Rayong and Chonburi.


We wished to fit as many filtration systems as possible, thus safeguarding the pupils, teachers and other staff from exposure to the many water borne infections and diseases that are prevalent in tropical countries. The bonus to this is that we are helping not just the schools, but many families as pupils are allowed to take some water for home use. Our aim is to raise the quality of life for some of Thailand's poorest people, to save them from a lot of pain and suffering and at times, even save life itself.


A big THANK YOU to RC PIJNACKER - NOOTDORP, District 1600, Holland as the Main Sponsor of this Project and to all the Clubs, Schools and people who made this possible.

2009 - 2010
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