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Water for Life 24/7

Our Aim

Here in some of the very poor rural areas of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, our aim is to give the families of school children, the ability to provide them with clean drinking water 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

We have in the past installed expensive systems in schools to find that there was no improvement in the health of the children as they were still drinking contaminated water at home. These  substantial systems also required considerable care and maintenance which alas was not always carried out, with the net result of once again poor quality water.

We required to be able to provide clean water in each home

but with many homes spread over a wide area a community system was not practical. A personal water filtration system was required that would provide them with 15-20 litres of clean drinking water per day,  would last for about 5 years with little maintenance and be low in cost.

After many trials, experiments and consultations with water filter companies, we now have this simple inexpensive solution.  We have to date delivered with great satisfaction, in excess of 5000 systems to these families.

We are delighted to say that surveys conducted a year after

have been very encouraging with many reports of improved health plus with the benefits of personal ownership the filter system is being looked after well and takes pride of place in many households.

The down side is that we are now victims of our own success, more villages and families, who before were sceptical and suspicious as to the functionality of these systems, see the benefits and now wish to have one.

This is now putting a strain on our resources/funding and as such we respectfully ask if there are any Rotary Clubs, Organisations or private sponsors who would care to contribute and be involved in this project.

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