Our aim with this Project, is to provide clean drinking water facilities  for the children and families,
living in some of the vast underdeveloped areas of Thailand.

With D.2000 Switzerland’s  help, three  project sites have been selected so far :-
 The Village of Bang Fang, Nr. Khon Kaen, Krasang, Nr. Surin and Chantaburi.  

In these areas, three school have been selected to have water purification systems installed .

Further to this we have 1000 Katadyn Gravity Drip Filter systems courtesy of Rotary District 2000
to be distributed to individual households.
In conjunction with and with financial support from
District 2000 Switzerland and 1810 Germany
Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya
Bang Fang, Khon Kaen
Pog Nam Ron - Chanthaburi
Ban Kamyadang School
Bang Fang, Khon Kaen
Krasang - Buriram
Krasang - Buriram
Visit to Thailand by D2000 Switzerland
Rtn. PDG Dr. Walter M. D2000CH
Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, Pattaya, were very happy to welcome on the
31st October 2010, Rtn. PDG Dr. Walter M. D2000CH to Thailand.
Rtn. PDG Dr. Walter M. D2000CH is
here to inspect the progress of the Water for
Life 24/7 Projects that are currently being
installed in a joint venture with RCES.

Not allowing Walter much time to rest, P. Jan
Abbink and Treasurer Carl Dyson soon have
him working hard at the Marriott  Resort & Spa.

Then off to a Welcome Fellowship at the Bali
Hai Sunset  restaurant where he is welcomed
by P.P. Marliese Fritz, Rt.Marianne Buesch Biel
and her husband Daniel.
Rtn. PDG Dr. Walter M. D2000CH and
RCES P. Jan Abbink exchange Club banners.
An evening of honour and pride when
Rtn. PDG Dr. Walter M. Presented
RCES President Jan Abbink and
RCES Treasurer Carl Dyson
with a Paul Harris Sapphire award.

Followed by a presentation of a pen to our
Club Secretary, PP Steve Ryser.
To end this “Halloween Evening” Walter is
joined by some children, gorily made up,
for a photo and some fun with Rtn. Joy,
Toy and Ket.
Phai Luak School
Krasang - Buriram
Phai Luak is a small school not far from Krasang. It
accommodates 50 children plus the headmistress and
her very capable all female staff. The school is very
clean and tidy but it’s water system was falling apart.
The old rainwater storage tanks all leaked and water
was being stored in the small pots above.
RCES under the guidance of our Rotary Member,
Nittaya Rottmann and her husband Peter, arranged for
the demolish ion and removal of the old tanks and the
installation of a new one.
RCES will also be providing the school with 5 gravity
drip filters to provide them with clean drinking water.
RCES will be providing the families of these children
with gravity drip filters to make sure they continue to
drink clean water.
A Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard
Water 4 Life 24/7 Project
with the help and financial support of
District 2000 Switzerland
Phai Luak School, Krasang
December 2010
Even though the school was closed that day the mainenance engineer and staff came to help.
Later that week, RCES members P.P. Marliese, Gerda, and Frederike arrived with the
President and members of RC Krasang for the handover.
From this.....
to this, for everyone.
Thank you District 2000 (Switzerland)