Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard
Education Project.
Thailand Hilltribe Education Sponsorship Project.
THEP is an organisation run by a very effervescent lady,
Susan Race. It provides Educational opportunities for  
young people from the hilltribes in northern Thailand.

Our sponsorship enables the students to afford boarding
and travel expenses as well as text books etc. and opens
the way to a rewarding career where they could support
their own families and look to a brighter future.
RCES with the help of RC Jomtien Pattaya, RC Phoenix
Pattaya, RC Taksin Pattaya and RC Marina Pattaya, for the
second year, sponsor these three young ladies and are
pleased to see that they are doing well.

On the left top picture are the three students,
Arada Thaewtrakun
Nipawan Thaewtrakun
Yuwadee Saikanoktara.

The middle picture shows them receiving their sponsorship
cheque from the presidents of the Rotary Clubs and again
below for a final photograph.