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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya
and maintain the filter units.
This was followed by the filter Distribution.
all 200 filters were handed out.
A group picture of parents with their new filters.
The hand-over was followed by a tasty lunch
prepared with lots of love & care
by the school cooks.
We in turn gave thanks to the staff and pupils
for all their help and hospitality.
Nursing staff from a near by Kinder Garden
asked if we had a few water filters spare
We immediately understood their need
and used the opportunity to see for ourselves
The Kitchen and the
food area was immaculately clean.
The nursery staff had a grin from ear to ear
when we handed over 5 Katadyn drinking
water filters completely assembled.
Our next stop was the Phai Luak School.
In November 2010 we delivered 50 filter
units with members of District 2000 Switzerland.
At that time we were short of 3 filter units, so we
took the opportunity to deliver them this time.
The children and the teachers are delighted
with these excellent gravity water filters.

One can see from  the picture opposite,
one of the filters in action in the
Classroom, showing how effective the
Katadyn gravity water filter is.
waited in anticipation.
It clearly appears that Gerti was enjoying herself.
Within an hour some 200 Water Filter Systems were assembled.
PE Carl and Nittaya made a demontration
In English and Khmer on how  to use
The hand-over was well organized by the
teachers of the school and before noon,
Ban Huai Samran

200 Water Drip Filters Hand-over Ban Huai Samran School
Nr. Krasang 26 - 28 January 2011

Report: Marliese Fritz, RCES]
where teachers, children and their parents
After an introduction on how to assemble
a filter system by Joy and Nittaya, the more
   senior students then helped in the assembly.
District 2000 - RCES Project Ban Huai Samran