Ban Kao Hom School
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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya
Bright and early (6 am)on 26th November 2010 members of RCES
loaded our vehicles with water filter parts and set of on the 3.5 Hr
drive to Ban Kao Hom School, near the Cambodian border.
26th November 2010
Project with
RCES Pattaya & D.2000 Switzerland.
Hand over 150 Katadyn Gravity water filters
To the Ban Kao Hom School Nr. Chanthaburi.
A quick coffee break near Chanthaburi then disaster struck. The pickup, loaded
with the filter containers, which was so kindly provided and driven by Steve’s
friend,  developed a water leak and would go no further.
Disaster averted, we managed to find locally another pickup and Thai owner
who agreed to take the load the remaining 1 Hr journey.
Our audience awaits and our team with the capable help from RC Chanthaburi
got to work assembling the 150 Water Filters
Time to give them out.
150 happy people with their Katadyn water filters.
Thank you to the School Staff and RC Chanthaburi for their amazing help and enthusiasm
and to all our friends who came along to help. A Job Well Done!
The story however does not end here, RCES member Carl had with him,
his friend Brian from Scotland and his partner Maureen and it was her birthday.
Unknown to her, RC Chanthaburi had organised a birthday cake.
Happy birthday Maureen.
After, the President of RC Chanthaburi, presented RCES member Carl
with their banner and we visited the classrooms and said hello to the children.
Homeward bound we stopped at the Tam Nan Pha restaurant.
What a day!
Thank you District 2000 Switzerland, Katadyn, RC Chanthaburi and everyone
who contributed in making this a great project.