RCES & D. 2000 Water for life 24/7 Project
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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya
Ban Khok Ngam School
Bang Fang, Khon Kaen
This was the plate wash area before...
and here is the new wash area
New Drinking Water Font under construction
The new font with all taps providing clean water
New Font complete with new concrete path
To provide the school with clean drinking water,
the heart of the system  is the pump, two large
filtration units, two sediment filters  and a UV
final filter to remove all bacteria
Phew! time to relax and have a glass of clean
water served by three charming senior students.
Main Contractor:
Inter Water Treatment Co, Ltd.
Khon Kaen. Thailand.
Tel: 043 394252

Project Supervisor:
Gabi Leonhard.
 RCES & D. 2000 Water for life 24/7 Project
With Katadyn Gravity water filters.
Hand-over of the Katadyn gravity water filters to the
parents of the children at Khok Ngam School
100 Khon Kaen Nov.2010.jpg
RCES Rtn. Daniel drove to Khon Kaen to help supervise and construct the Katadyn
water filters for Khok Ngam School. On Thursday 27th January in the early morning,
the filters arrive and the registration of the recipients takes place.
Prior to handing out the filters Khun Dick explained, in Thai,
how to maintain and use the filters
A “Thank You to Rotary District 2000, Switzerland and Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard”
banner was displayed and the families thanked the team for the water filters and
drove of home with their new prized possession.
Rotary District 2000 Switzerland and Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, Thailand,
are grateful to all the Non-Rotarian support from Khun Gabi and her family
and the staff and students of Khok Ngam School
A thank you also to Rtn. Daniel for completing this project and
for the kind hospitality he received during his visit.
November 2011 and the official hand-over of the above water system to the
Khok Ngam School by Rtn. PDG Dr. Walter Mueller, D.2000 Switzerland