Krasang 02-05-11
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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya

Trip Report  Krasang May 02nd 2011

By PP Marliese Fritz

On Monday May 2nd PP Marliese and Lyvia, a visiting student from Switzerland, drove to Krasang, Buriram.

Upon arrival we met PE Carl and Rtn. Joy and visited the families RCES is supporting

The Chaisurijon familly received a big bag of rice and a food package.

The family gathers small crabs in the fields to add some proteins to their meals and if there are enough left they sell them so they have some extra income.


PE Carl and Rtn. Nittaya Rottmann with Montira, who is HIV positive.


We gave the grandmother of Montira 500 Baht to purchase Montira’s much needed medication at the hospital in Buriram.








Grandma also takes care of all these children...


They find insects for food , in particular the eggs are considered a delicacy - even Livia had a taste!


Next we went to Grandma Hon Toknam, she is 88 years old now.

As always she was very happy to see us. Sadly her health is declining rapidly but fortunately a next door girl is taking care of her.

PP Peter Rottmann took us to to see a very disabled child that requires special nutrition. Previously the

“Charity Club of  Pattaya” was providing the required funds, but as this organisation recently folded, Peter asked if RCES could help out. In our board meeting we agreed we would support this case.                                                                       


We also visited Khun Kiam Somon and his sister, who were very grateful to receive their monthly food package. Khun Kiam makes fishing nets to earn a bit of money. It takes him weeks to manufacture a net for which he only receives 500 baht!  

He is very happy with the special tricycle we puchased for him.                                                                                                                                                            


His sister weaves Thai silk to make a small living. Joy gave it a try but it is not as easy as it seems!

The  Gerunjing family also receives a food package. Both parents are alcoholics but now that the mother has kicked the habit at least the boy can attend school again.

His daily school lunches are sponsored by RCES PP Marliese.

Caring father Geritram urgently needs to visit the hospital with his two disabled children so he was very pleased to recieve 500 Baht from us.                                      


Khun Goram recently lost his wife.                                                                          

Every little bit will help him to survive on his own.

The  Panitram  family with their food package and rice.                              

RCES Rtn. Gerda Nufer’s brother kindly sponsors the

schooling for the kids


These two young girls, Apachara and Bawanrat, are supported by RCES Rtn. Gerti Lang.

Both parents are alcoholics so for the time being they are staying with their grandparents.

Joint Club Venture


Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, Rotary Club Taksin-Pattaya and Rotary Club Krasang

got together to provide a cheque for 24,000 THB to fund the construction of this new staircase.


A new additional building to this school in Krasang got into difficulties when they ran out of funds to construct the staircase to allow access. An appeal was made by our Sister Club, RC Krasang for help and with funds from all three clubs our Rotarian member Nittaya Rottmann presented the cheque to complete the work.