Field Trip to Krasang by Members of RCES 3-5th August 2011
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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya

Reported by PP Marliese Fritz

Participants: RCES Rotarians Dieter Becht, Frederike Schmid, Gerti Lang and Marliese Fritz joined Nittaya Rottmann resident in Krasang and PP Krasang Peter Rottmann, RCES comprador in Krasang and surrounding area.


Objective: To revisit families and kids which are supported on monthly bases by individual Members (Gerti) and RCES in the form of Food donations, schooling and school uniforms or simply buy basic necessities for life, for some kids this can be  a healthy daily meal. Such trips give the Club the opportunity to check the development, maintenance of installations and other support provided by RCES.


Dairy:                                                                                        On arrival we were welcomed warmly by Nit and Peter …             




















And the first stop was “Oma Hom” who was delighted to see us back, especially Marliese.



















The next stop was to look up Montira (HIV). Ket Abbink and PP Jan sent them a few nice practical bags.RCES once again donated a packet with food and snacks and a funds to provide for transportation to Buriram to pick up medication and pay for a check-up for Morita and her Grandmother.   



The third stop was to visit the heavily disabled boy Garuna Chaisurijon.






















Their thankfulness was greatly shown since they can rely on a monthly support

from RCES delivered punctually by Nit or Peter, or both.


Khun Kiam Somon and his sister























Their meagre income by hand crafted fishing nets and weaving Thai-Silk ware is not sufficient to keep away hunger. Their kitchen is kept impeccably clean and our monthly provisions keeps them going. They are genuinely thankful.

























     The next stop-over is at Khun Sittipong with a most destitute child who can only take “baby-food” to stay alive.


After sun-set we spent a very pleasant and friendly get-together and had a tasty dinner with Nit and Peter in their private residence whilst we talked about past and future projects.


The first part of the day was spent with Ramet’s mother Khun Geroejing who recently suffered a small stroke and she was diagnosed with a serious calcium deficiency. As such her bone substance is brittle and she needs walking support

(in the picture to the left on the left hand side). We promised her necessary medication in form of tablets and vitamins, etc.

























Afterwards, we found Ramet and  settled the bill for his meals that he receives at the school.



Khun Goram was next on our agenda of visits.


























Rtn Gerti brought along a nice blue T-shirt with which he was visibly delighted and acknowledged it with thanks

























Next in line to pay a visit to, was the Family Geritram.

The kids got a bag each from Rtns Ket and Jan and Rtn Gerti provided Geritram senior with a most beautiful fitting T-shirt. We learned during our visit that the father had to take both his disabled children to Bangkok for a check-up and treatment in the coming week. Rtn Dieter provided spontaneously the traveling costs and Rtn Frederike a few Baht for the savings account of the kids.


Then we were on the road again - next stop – Phailuak School






























Rtn Gerti has for some time supported a young lady Apasarat (Fang) to allow her to go to school. We went to visit her in her school, where by the way, RCES last year supplied 50 Gravity Drip Filters to the families of the children to provide them with clean drinking water.


Immediately following the Apasarat’s visit we proceed to look up her sister Pawanarat and the son of the family Panitram (these 2 Families are fully sponsored for school fees and related costs by Rtn Gerti.)






























All three kids were in dire need of new uniforms, shoes and School bags.


We closed the day with a Rotary meeting and fellowship at RC Krasang.

























      We elaborated on future projects that we could do together and enjoyed a truly magnificent, tasty Thai dinner.


Before leaving for home the next morning we paid a visit to one of our water filter projects at the Krasang City Primary and Secondary School which has 2700 pupils.






















Some years back a joint venture with District 2000 and RCES provided this school with the above filtration installation. The system is still working well but has in the meanwhile grown short of the water quantity requirements and a request has been submitted to our Club to look in to the possibility of an additional filtration plant!