1) Ban Imui    Long 102 11 21   Lat 12 23 41

Ban Imui is located in the middle of one of the main shrimp farming areas of Thailand (bottom right corner on the map). The school is well maintained and has 8 classrooms (Kindergarten 1+2, Primary 1-6). There are approximately 130 children attending the school. There is a limited supply of government water and for drinking purposes they rely mostly on rainwater. Water wells and bore holes are not an option as the ground water is too brackish and polluted by the shrimp farming. Ban Imui is the last outpost before you go into the swampy wetlands and mangrove forests beyond.

Arrival at Ban Imui School
Amy and Carl explain how to use and maintain the drip filters
P. Carl proves that the water is safe to drink and with
P. Supong presents the filters to the school
2) Ban Tha Kha Yang    Long 102 15 19   Lat 12 21 47

Ban Tha Kha Yang is a village in the middle of the mangrove forests on the mouth of the Chantaburi river. It has a population of 120 households and fishing is the only source of income.


Carrying the filters over the bridge by hand.
Ban Tha Kha Yang  Community Centre and School  
Presentation to the villagers and heading home with their filters.
3) Ban Chang    Long 102 16 13   Lat 12 19 39

Ban Chang is a fishing village, which is only accessible by boat. The village was founded by sea gypsies who arrived here from southern Thailand several centuries ago. Most of the residents are either descendants of sea gypsies or survivors of Chinese shipwrecks.

Distribution completed it was time for a short break and some lunch.

Afternoon 6th October,
Wat Pa Chan School in a small village near Buriram.
Villagers heading home with their filters  ... by foot  ... by boat ... by bicycle

Distribution of 624+ Gravity Filters in

Krasang and Buriram, 6th October 2011


Water for Life


Matching Grant MG74709

Project with Rotary International

Rotary District 2000 (Switzerland)

Rotary District 3340   Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

Rotary Club Taksin-Pattaya  Rotary Club Nakorn Rajasima



Distribution of 300+ Gravity Filters

in Chantaburi Province.

Friday 30th September 2011


Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

President Carl R Dyson, PP Stefan Ryser, PP Jan Abbink, Rtn’sHans Peter Graf, Gerda Nufer, Marianne Buesch - Biel, Daniel Biel, Tyrone Renggli, Joy, Ket and 4 friends.


Rotary Club Chantaboon

President Supong Siarattanachai, Secretary Pantida Rojwannasin, Rtn Amy Chawana and a total of more than 20 Rotarians, Rotary-Anns and Youth Exchange Students from Canada.


Parents of the children from this school Wat Ban Kantharom
near Krasang, wait patiently for their water filters
Water filters now ready for distribution.
After a few words of introduction by P. Carl Dyson and translated
into Thai by RCES Rtn. Nittaya Rottmann, instructions were given
on how they should be used and maintained.
The parents lined up opposite RC club members from
RC Eastern Seaboard,  RC Taksin-Pattaya and RC Krasang
who presented them personally with their water filter.
President Christophe Autret of RC Taksin-Pattaya and his wife Jee
get ready to hand out the water filters.
Here, AG. Bob Denzel of RC Taksin-Pattaya, happily gives a hand.

Distribution of 72 Gravity Filters in Khon Kaen

with RC Namphong, 10th November 2011


Already waiting, the water filters, RC Namphong and the people of Ban Loom Hin,
for the arrival of the water project team from RC Eastern Seaboard.
After a very warm welcome by RC Namphong, the team (P. Carl, PP. Jan. PP.Steve,
Rtns, Marianne, Joy, Daniel, soon got into full production.
PP. Jan Abbink gives instructions to everyone on how to use and maintain
their water filters to ensure them of at least 5 years of clean drinking water
Thank you for the very warm welcome by RC Namphong, and the Lady Mayor
and for all your support and help in making this project a success.

Distribution of 48 Gravity Filters in Wang Hin Sah,

Udon Thani, 11th November 2011.


Early morning 11th November our small team left udon Thani for Wang Hin Sah
(P. Carl, PP.Jan. PP. Steve and Rtn. Joy)
We were welcomed in traditional manner by PP.Steve’s in laws and
presented with the carefully compiled list of villagers due to receive
a Gravity Water Drip Filter.
A very big thank you to PP. Steve Ryser’s Mother and Father in law and the staff
from the School, with their and the help of Rotary International,
Rotary District 2000 (Switzerland) and Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard
these children can now drink clean healthy water.

Supply of 300 Gravity Filters Via MG74709 to RC Bang Na

for the Bangkok Flood relief, 13th October 2011.