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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya

Water for Life 24/7 Press Presentation

at the Diana Garden Resort, Saturday, December, 17th.  5.00 pm.



Saturday, December, 17th. was a very special day for Rotary Clubs in Pattaya as the joint clubs held their traditional Christmas Party, organized by Assistant Governor Bob Denzel of RCTaksin - Pattaya. The location was the Jaktheppiman room at the Diana Garden Resort and Driving Range, which started at 6.30 pm.


It was also a special day for Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard as they held a “Water for Life 24/7” press conference and presentation to celebrate the completion of the ” Matching Grant 74709 - Gravity Water Filters for  Households Project” before the party in the Rotary room, Diana Garden Resort at 5.00 pm.


Since 2007 Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, with the support of sponsors and Rotary Districts & Clubs in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Thailand has installed over 50 Clean Water systems at schools throughout  North & Eastern Thailand, with a total value of over 3 million Baht (100.000 US$).

In 2009 the “Water for Life 24/7” campaign was launched to combat waterborne diseases at a household level as per the recommendations of the World Health Organization.  Water for Life 24/7 means providing clean drinking water to children and families 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

For this purpose Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, with major financial support from their International Partner Rotary District 2000 (Switzerland) and through MG 74709 (International Partner D-2000 Switzerland, Primary Host Partner RC Eastern Seaboard with contributions from D-3340, RC Taksin - Pattaya & RC Nakorn Rajasima)  has distributed 3500 gravity drip filters to not only poor families in the Isaan area but also to hill tribe villages in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai provinces, communities in the Burmese border area in Kanchanaburi province, the Cambodian border area in Chantaburi province and fishing villages in the mangrove forests in Chantaburi, and 300 drip filters were made available for immediate flood relief in cooperation with District 3340, District 3350, RC Bangkok Bangna and many clubs in the worst effected  areas. Many of the handovers were done in cooperation with our sister clubs RC Krasang, RC Chantaboon and RC Namphong.  In addition, with the installation of 2 reverse osmosis systems and 3 UV systems the total project value was 4.72 million Baht (150.000 US$). The motto of RC Eastern Seaboard is “Beyond Frontiers” and therefore we have also donated some water filters to impoverished families in Pakse province, Laos and to an orphanage in Sihanoukville Cambodia.

The drip filters are fitted with a high quality Swiss Made Katadyn ceramic element, which is certified to filter out particles > 0.2 micron, including virtually all harmful bacteria. In comparison: the specifications of the best available ceramic elements in Thailand are only 0.3 micron -which is the standard set by Thai Health Departments. In addition the systems do not require electricity and as such are perfect to be used for disaster relief. As such, 300 systems were made available for immediate flood relief in the affected areas north of Bangkok.

The cost of  3500 drip filters was 4.2 million Baht  (140.000 US$), which may seem a lot of money but if you consider that they will provide more than 20.000 people with sufficient clean drinking water for well a period of well over 5 years, the cost per litre is less than 0.03 Baht. Now compare that to the cost of a litre of bottled drinking water, which for the underprivileged is (relatively) as expensive as a litre of wine to most of us!

Together with many clubs in Thailand and international partners & sponsors, RCES intends to continue their “Water for Life 24/7” campaign, whereby a target of 5000 has been set for 2012.


All interested parties were welcome to the “Water for Life 24/7” presentation at the RC Eastern Seaboard meeting room at the Diana Garden Resort on Saturday December 17th at 5.00 pm


Here’s to Clean Water – Cheers!


President Carl R. Dyson , PP Stefan Ryser, PP Jan Abbink  and the members of Rotary club Eastern Seaboard.


Water for Life 24/7 Press Release


the presentation of Rotary’s Prestigious award, a Paul Harris Pin

to the Rotarians whose efforts, generosity and the gift of their time,

made this project possible.

Lots of attention as Rtn. Mario D2000 presents to PDG. Peter Malhotra D3340

a letter of thanks from the District Governor of D2000 Switzerland

Now Rtn. Mario D2000, presents the

Paul Harris awards to the following Rotarians.


                  Marianne & Daniel Biel  RCES                                    Joy Sipaphay Keolaphoumy RCES

                       Nittaya Rottmann RCES                                                  Hans Peter Graf RCES

                         AG. Bob Denzel RCTP                                                      Gerda Nufer RCES

                                                      P. Carl Dyson RCES & PP. Jan Abbink RCES

With the rolls reversed, President Carl R Dyson RCES is honoured to present

Rtn. Mario D2000 with the final PH8 to his well earned collection and

PDG. Peter Malhotra RCJP has the pleasure of attaching the pin.

    Thank you to our Sister Club RC Chantaboon for attending this event




And thank you

Rtn. Joe N Quennell RCES

for afterwards conducting an excellent interview for Pattaya Mail TV (PMTV).  

Last but not least P. Carl Dyson RCES & PDG. Peter Malhotra RCJP

ask Rtn. Mario D2000 to accept a PH8 (3 Rubies) on behalf of

PDG. Walter D2000 with our sincere gratitude.

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