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The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand proudly announces the establishment of the ASEAN Education Center for children of Cambodian & Myanmar migrant workers in Pattaya. 16 June 2016

The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand (HHNFT) will transform its current Day Care Center into an ASEAN Education Center for children of migrant workers from Cambodia and Myanmar, working in the building sector in Pattaya.

To enable setting up the ASEAN Education Center, the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard and the Rotary Club Dolphin Pattaya International in Thailand are preparing a sizeable international project in close cooperation with the Rotary Club Pijnacker-Nootdorp in the Netherlands to provide a passenger van for the daily transportation of the children, and initial funding for the cost of teachers, education equipment, native language schoolbooks and library books.

The Rotary project is based on contributions from the De Vaan Goosen Foundation in the Netherlands (Main Sponsor), and Rotary organizations in the Netherlands & Thailand. A substantial grant is expected from The Rotary Foundation. The anticipated size is 3.5 million Baht.

To achieve sustainability of operations, HHNFT will gradually expand its share of operational expenditures, and will be fully self-supporting after 3 years.

The transformation is planned for the third quarter of this year. Concrete actions for this were agreed today by delegates of the Cambodian government, the Burmese Migrant Workers’ Education Committee, Pattaya City, the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard and the Rotary Club Dolphin Pattaya International. Today’s agreements were the culmination of earlier meetings. Children of migrant workers must return to their home country. As a result, they must receive native language education, although the Thai language – like English – will be an important component of their education to reflect their current place of residence, and to provide the children with a stronger knowledge base.

The native language education at the ASEAN Education Center will follow the curriculum as provided by the Cambodian government and the Burmese Migrant Workers’ Education Committee that maintains close links to Myanmar authorities. The Center will have up to 100 pupils up to age 12. Education will be provided by 2 qualified Cambodian teachers and 2 qualified Myanmar teachers, assisted by multilingual supervisors and Thai and English-speaking volunteers.

The education will be in 2 age groups.


ASEAN Education Center Soft opening

The ASEAN Education Center in Pattaya is located at the Drop-in Center of the Human Help

Network Foundation Thailand. On November 17th 2016, there was a "soft opening" on site,

attended by representatives and members of the Thailand based and foreign Rotary Clubs

who made this Center possible with their donations and support.

During the presentations, the attending guests given further details about this Rotary Global

Grant Project 1743294 and what the goals and objectives are of the Asean Education Center.

The official speeches were followed by a magic show by Mr. Heinz Minten and singing of the

migrant children.

Afterwards there was a tour of the facilities, and a viewing of the Isuzu passenger truck which

will be transporting the children from the migrant workers sites to the center.

The event was managed by 2 MCs: HHNFT Director Kh. Radchada Chomjinda (Toy) & RCES

Global Grant Project manager Charter President Martin Brands. Also present were Mr Jan &

Mrs Renee de Vaan (Main Project Sponsors), Aad & Witha Scholtes of RC Pijnacker-Nootdorp

(our International Partner), RC Dolphin Pattaya International (Main Local Sponsor) CP Dr Otmar

Deter & Secretary Dr Margret Deter and Rotary District 3340 PDG Pratheep (Peter) Malhotra.


On Thursday September 29th the deposit was paid for the Isuzu passenger truck for the HHNFT ASEAN Education Centre,

which will be used to transport the children from the migrant camps to the center. This is the first step in our 3.5 million THB

Rotary Global Grant 1743294 project for which we recently received approval.


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Christmas Bags for Migrant Children 2016

On Thursday December 29th members and friends of Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard visited

the HNN Drop-in center/ ASEAN education centre to present Christmas bags to migrant children.