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Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya

Nuun Sawaang Elementary School by Hannah Pool,  April, May June 2012.


2012 Laos Project Stage 2

On a Plateau at the end of Nuun Sawaang Village, hidden behind the Village Wat and surrounded by the most beautiful nature is the little elementary school of Nuun Sawaang. A quiet village in the rice fields of Champasak Province in the South of Lao, with a small number of houses but many, many children. For the village it is already a success to have an elementary school. Without this elementary school, kids would have to walk to the High School in Lak Sam in the neighbouring village which is at least 30 minute walk away.


But the little School doesn’t have a lot; actually it is working on the most basic level. The school consists of 3 rooms, one storage room and 2 classrooms for 70 children.  Since 1 year the school now has a water tap plus 2 fans and electricity sponsored by Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, before that the students just sat it the heat 5 hours a day. For Years and Years nothing changed at this school, with just a sand floor, its wooden walls falling apart and the children going into the woods to go to

the bathroom. But now things are beginning to change. Thanks to Rotary! After the water and electricity was supplied, new school books were provided and now the biggest project is almost finished:    4 school toilets!


The wonderful effect is that the people of Nuun Sawaang Village now begin to see that a change for the school condition is necessary and more than that, it is possible! The village has now begun to raise money to build a new school on this site in the near future.

For 2 months I taught English at this very special school and I fell in love with the students, their wit and creativity, the beautiful countryside around it and the great freedom the kids have to develop themselves in this school. But I also saw, that the school itself needs help to develop. For this reason I want to thank Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard for its help and also to all those who donated funds towards improving the educational life of these wonderful children.


Signing the contract and handing over the first 50,000 Baht