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RCES Bye-laws in “Friends of RCES”  FORCES


“Friends of RCES” (hereafter called “FORCES”) is an independent, separate entity.  

The Association was established by Members of RCES and approved

by the Board of RCES 2012/13 on the 7th June 2012

to bond friendship friends and provide awareness of

Rotary International at large and raise funds from

 friends of RCES Members and friends of friends,  

with an annual subscription to RCES “FORCES”


1. To become “FORCES” (Friend of RC Eastern Seaboard) is on invitation only subject to accepting the ‘RCES Bye-laws’

1.1. A “FORCES” (Friend of RC Eastern Seaboard) should be in good standing with the community of residence

1.2.  A “FORCES”  Member can also be a standing “RCES Honorary Member”   

2. To see by a “FORCES”  (Friend of RC Eastern Seaboard) a meaningful way of supporting controlled charity efforts, knowing that with a reliable and well managed Club,

2.1. funds will not be mishandled.

2.2. funds will not be invested neglectfully.

2.3. funds will not be used without direction or purposeful objective.   

3. A “FORCES” member may request a breakdown of any project they have specifically requested the funds to be used on

4. A specified contribution to be eligible to become a “FORCES” is the minimum expected to have entitlement to be enlisted as a “FORCES” member.

5. RCES is proud to commit the following as additional perks for any charitable contribution as set out by each incoming RCES Board at the last meeting preceding the “new Rotary Year”.

6. Benefits will include, but are not restricted to :-

6.1. Issuing a receipt to allow each “FORCES” member  tax exemption if applicable by their country of tax payment

6.2. A mention by name & photograph as specified by the “FORCES” member on the RCES home page

6.3. A “FORCES” Pin

6.4. A Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Club Banner

6.5. Invitations to special events where a “FORCES” member is expected to pay for the published participating costs

6.5.1. “FORCES”  members can request to be invited to field trips if they take place whilst they are in Town and by contributing to the travel and other expenses at cost price only

7. The annual “FORCES” Membership contribution is set at 5’000 THB - or a Life Time Membership is available for  contributions in excess of 50,000 THB.

8. These above privileges are valid for each Rotary Year starting on the 1st. July of each Calendar Year

9. If “FORCES” members are resident in Pattaya, they may wish to join Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard as a full Member, subject to normal admission procedures by Rotary International.

10. All the above items are subject  to changes as may be decided by a board decision at the beginning of each Rotary year by the incoming Board.

Pattaya, dated 8th. August 2013 signed by the President and Board Office Bearers of RCES after having passed Membership approval.

Carl R Dyson, President 2011-2013  

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard.