Laos Project 2013
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The Building of the new school begins
Local Craftsmen manufacture the windows and doors
2013-07 Laos School_00038.JPG
2013-07 Laos School_00036.JPG
2013-07 Laos School_00016.JPG
2013-07 Laos School_00017.JPG
2013-07 Laos School_00019.JPG
2013-07 Laos School_00025.JPG
Nearly complete, the flooring tiles are being laid
and should be finished this week.
The school opens for the children on the 
8th September 2013.

On schedule, the school opened on the

8th September 2013

With lots of excitement from the children.


All being well, a delegation from

Rotary Club Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Holland


Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Thailand

On the 11th November 2013

will visit Laos for an official presentation

to the Elders and Education Authorities of

Nung Sawang Village, Pakse,

Champasak, Laos.